Let Me Help You Build the
Business of Your Dreams in 2016! 
Hi, I'm Jared Elvidge...

I've been providing web design and coaching services to digital marketers for more than a decade now. I've found that quite regularly my coaching clients also need design and technical help, while my design clients often also need coaching help. This really got me thinking about how I could best leverage my skills and experience to deliver the best results possible. I'm really excited about what I came up with, and I think you will be too!

This year for my annual holiday sale, I've put together 3 packages that contain the perfect combination of exactly the right coaching, design and technical help to match wherever you're at in your online business journey. My holiday promotion last year was open for exactly 10 days before all spots were filled and I had to close it down. It then stayed closed down for all of 2015. I imagine this year's promotion will go about the same.

If you're looking to start or grow an online business in 2016, together you and I can make it happen! You're going to want to act fast though! All three offers on this page have been discounted by about 70% so the available spots will go fast. And once their gone, their gone - most likely for at least the next 12 or so months.

I can't wait to help you build the business of your dreams in 2016! Scroll down the page to see the packages and choose which one you feel will help you the most!

Option 1 of 3 - The KICKSTARTER Package
The KICKSTARTER package is for you if you're wanting to create a new online business. Trying to do it alone can be frustrating and can waste lots of time. That's where I can help. I've been doing this myself since 1999 and have helped literally hundreds of others to start their own online businesses.
1-on-1 Strategy Session
  • I'll help you fine tune your niche. We'll identify "your message" and see what's working for others in your market.
  • Then I'll help you nail down exactly who your target audience will be. We'll be VERY specific here based on our research.
  • Next we'll determine what your initial offers will be, including a free giveaway and at least one paid offer you can sell.
  • Finally we'll create a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow as you roll out your new business.
Name For Your New Business
  • Now that we know what your offers will be and who you'll be helping, we'll convert that into a targeted brand message.
  • Next I'll go to work for you and brainstorm up a list of 3-5 catchy, memorable business names for your consideration.
  • All potential business names I come up with will match your brand message AND will have available .com domain names.
  • If you aren't satisfied with my initial draft of names, I'll keep working with you until we get it just right.
Branding - Logo & Color Scheme
  • Colors matter! I’ll help you come up with the right color scheme for your message and your specific target market.
  • Armed with your niche, audience, message and color scheme, I will next design the perfect logo for your business.
  • If you don't love the first logo I create for you, I'll keep working on it until it's something you can be proud of. 
  • A solid brand will convert better. Most people struggle to figure this out, but I'll be doing it for you.
3 Additional Coaching Calls
  • You and I will have 3 more 1-on-1 skype calls (one per week) to help you hit the ground running with your new business.
  • Each call will last about 45-60 minutes. We won't waste any time on our calls. We'll focus and get as much done as we can.
  • On each call we will review how things are going and discuss any questions you had come up since our previous call.
  • Then we'll create a step-by-step action plan for you to work on before our next call.
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Option 2 of 3 - The MARKETER Package
The MARKETER package is for you if you already know your niche, your audience, and what your offers will be, but you would like to have me create and implement a professionally designed website/blog for you so you don't have to try to figure it out yourself. This package also includes a done-for-you list building funnel and 4 x 1-on-1 coaching calls with me personally to help you wherever you're at in the process.
1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • You and I will have four 1-on-1 skype calls (one per week) so I can help you move your business forward quickly.
  • Each call will last about 45-60 minutes. We won't waste any time on our calls. We'll focus and get as much done as we can.
  • On each call we will review how things are going and discuss any questions you had come up since our previous call.
  • Then we'll create a step-by-step action plan for you to work on before our next call.
Unlimited Email & Skype Access
  • I will help you overcome hurdles that come up between our scheduled calls.
  • No need to halt progress because you're waiting until our next call to ask your questions.
  • Simply shoot over an email or a skype message with your question and I'll make sure you get an answer.
  • I'll almost always be able to send you a response within 1 business day (usually quicker).
Professionally Designed Website/Blog
  • I will design a custom, professional website and/or blog for you to match your brand message.
  • I will then implement your new design as a wordpress theme and install it on your hosting account for you.
  • I will help you determine what pages you should have and what content should go on each page.
  • Once you provide me with your content, I’ll add it to your website for you (up to 10 regular pages).
  • Your website will come with an easy to use drag & drop editor AND step by step videos showing how to use it.
Done-For-You List Building Funnel
  • I will create a custom landing page (squeeze page) for you  OR re-design your existing landing page for better conversions.
  • I will connect this landing page with your autoresponder (AWeber, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, etc).
  • Next I'll create a custom thank you page for you're visitors to arrive at after they opt-in.
  • If you'd like, I'll also help you implement my favorite WordPress plugin on your blog to maximize opt-ins.
  • I usually build these funnels with OptimizePress or ClickFunnels, depending on what you have access to. Neither is required, but I do recommend having one or the other.
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Option 3 of 3 - The PROFESSIONAL Package
The PROFESSIONAL package is for you if you've decided that 2016 MUST BE THE YEAR you get your online business rockin' and rollin'. This is you and me working hand in hand on your business for 3 full months! This is the package I wish was available to me when I was first starting out... and you'll love the price!
Everything from KICKSTARTER Package
  • A 1-on-1 strategy session to help you get started.
  • A new brand name for your new business or product.
  • A ".com domain name" to match your new brand name.
  • A professionally designed logo for your new brand.
  • 3 additional 1-on-1 coaching calls (1 per week).
Everything from MARKETER Package
  • A professionally designed, custom website/blog.
  • Content implementation on up to 10 regular pages.
  • An easy to use Drag & Drop editor.
  • A done-for-you list building funnel.
  • 4 more 1-on-1 coaching calls (1 per week).
Custom Designed Sales funnel
  • I will design a professional, custom sales page for you to match your brand and deliver maximum conversions.
  • I’ll give you a proven formula for creating high converting sales page content so you can create your own.
  • Once you provide me with your content, I will add it to the custom sales page I created for you.
  • I will connect the order buttons to whatever shopping cart you are using (ClickFunnels, SamCart, InfusionSoft, etc).
  • If your cart supports upsells & downsells, I'll also create up to 3 of these pages for you.
3 Months of 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • You get the 4 calls that come with the KICKSTARTER package (one of which is the initial strategy call).
  • You also get a second month of coaching calls  (4 calls) that come with the MARKETER package.
  • AND you get a third month of coaching calls (4 calls) which means you and I will have 12 weekly calls in total.
  • These calls will allow me to help you every step of the way to make sure your website and funnels are live and you're on your way to getting lots of opt-ins and sales.
I LOVE working with AMAZING people!
Choose the option below that will help you most
These huge holiday discounts, where you only pay 1/3 the regular prices, end when the count down timer above expires OR all 20 available spots have been filled, whichever comes first.
(Normally $3,500)
Savings of over $2,500!
72% Holiday Discount
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Call
  • New Custom Brand Name
  • Matching .com Domain Name
  • Professionally Designed Logo
  • 3 Additional Coaching 1-on-1 Calls

(Normally $6,000)
Savings of over $4,000!
67% Holiday Discount
  • Professionally Designed Website/Blog
  • Drag & Drop Content Editor
  • Done-For-You List Building Funnel
  • Unlimited Skype/Email Access
  • 4 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

(Normally $8,000)
Savings of over $5,000!
63% Holiday Discount
  • Everything from KICKSTARTER Package
  • Everything from MARKETER Package
  • Custom Designed Sales Funnel
  • Unlimited Skype/Email Access
  • 12 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I sign up now to take advantage of the huge discount, but wait until later in the year to actually get started?
Yes, you sure can! You have 12 whole months from the day of your order to use your package. Simply let me know after signing up that you're not quite ready to start and we'll hit the pause button until you are.
Do you outsource the design services you're offering in these packages?
Nope, I personally will be doing the designing! I went to design school back in the mid 90's and then got my first "paying web design gig" in 1999. I've been designing websites, logos and other graphics ever since.

Here is a quick look at a hand full of my recent web design projects:

Chris Farrell Membership (on my dev server - links won't work)
Azon For Beginners Sales Page (no longer active - links won't work)
Solar Events Website (still in production - some links won't work)
Do you offer payment plans?
Not during this holiday promotion. The prices listed on this page are so low, they're literally 1/3 what they would normally be. I totally recognize that even with the huge discount, these prices may still be out of reach for some. If you think that's you, here's what you should ask yourself:

If I sign up today, will it just be making a manageable sacrifice that pushes me a little bit outside my comfort zone? 

Or if I sign up today will my bank account be totally wiped out, most likely resulting in the kids and the dog going hungry if my brand new business doesn't start making tons of money immediately?

If you fit into the latter category, it's probably better you don't sign up at this time. That's way too much pressure to put on yourself, as it takes time to build a successful, long term online business. If the timing isn't right now, that's okay. Maybe next year will work out better!
If I decide I would like to continue working with you after my initial package is completed, do I then pay full price for more coaching?
No, you won't need to pay full price ($2,500/month). In fact, as part of my holiday promotion, you'll pay less than half price ($950/month) for as long as you would like to continue your coaching.
What about the 1-on-1 coaching? Do you farm that out to a sales floor like others do?
Absolutely not! You will be working 1-on-1 with me directly. Since my first web design client in 1999, I've ran and partnered on many online businesses including done-for-you services (design, marketing), selling physical products via my own website(s), running membership sites, creating online training courses, and much more.

I know how to start and grow successful online businesses. I've personally shared my strategies at more than 200 live training workshops across the globe.

Working 1-on-1 with clients who are seriously committed to doing what it takes to build their own successful online businesses is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world!
Do you offer refunds for these packages?
No, due to how time intensive done-for-you design services, tech services, and personal, 1-on-1 coaching services are, I do not offer refunds on any of these packages.

I'm not just offering an info product here that I create once and then can sell it to lots of people. These services require that I make a significant time investment into each client I agree to help, which I can't get back later.

The offers on this page are for people who are very committed to doing whatever it takes to make 2016 awesome. Not for fence sitters or those who simply want to dip their foot in the pool. Please send me a direct email with any questions you have BEFORE you sign up.
Please contact me directly with any questions at: